8:30 AM

Sowing the Seeds of Wellness

Melvyn Lee

9:00 AM

Official Kick Off

Lydia Aw

9:05 AM

Opening Address by Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mary Young

9:15 AM

Opening Address by President, ASIA PACIFIC and LATIN AMERICA

Tai Tolman

9:25 AM

Welcome by Master of Ceremony

Master of Ceremony

Nick Vujicic will share with you his life story, which has transformed millions of people around the world, sharing the values and principles he has learnt and adopted over his life, to transform it from a life without limbs, into a life without limits.

After speaking to live audiences in over 74 countries, and meeting 21 presidents, as well as being seen through television and digital media, he knows deep in his heart that hope is the number one thing that this world needs. Nick is going to talk about how to change your obstacles into opportunities, using the power of an attitude of gratitude, as well as several other keys that have enabled him to dream big, helped him unlock the prison of fear and never give up.

He has a passion for people all around the world to know their value and find their purpose and see them live their lives to their fullest potential, through helping them understand what’s most important in life.

Don’t let fears limit your potential and dreams, it is time to take control and be fearless to flourish!

10:30 AM

Product Launch #1

Dr. HK Lin

11:30 AM

Product Launch #2

Jared Gower

12:30 PM

Launch of Young Living Singapore Initiatives/Programs

Young Living Singapore Team

1:00 PM

Lunch Break

We are living in a special and unprecedented period right now. But there is more we can do to make a difference for our health and the wellbeing of our loved ones? Join Dr. Oliver Wenker, MD, also known as Doctor Oli, as he provides you with an in-depth knowledge on your defense and sustainability for your journey into the new future.

As our immune system is not only our first line of defense but the best defense we have got, Dr. Oli will help lay the foundation for you to better distinguish between viral and bacterial pathogens, how they attack human cells, and how our immune system overcomes the invasion. During the session, you’ll learn how the different parts of our immune system, from primitive defenses to the innate and adaptive functions, can be boosted. He will show you how the immune system can be influenced in a good and bad way.

Equipped with the basics, you’ll be better able to appreciate the measures that are absolutely necessary to fortify your immune defenses. It is also equally important to understand what mental consequences these current times have and Dr. Oli will share some new data on how today’s environmental situation affects mental wellbeing, especially in the younger generation. Last but not least, Dr. Oli will recommend some excellent solutions as well as general measures with the goal to help you boost your defenses and optimise not only your immune system but also your mental wellbeing.

Once upon a time, selling meant product pushing and a zealous focus on persuading for a sale. Today, business is as usual but we are NOT in usual times. With consumers becoming more sophisticated, hard selling doesn’t sell anymore.

In addition, the shift to working from home meant that it is more challenging to connect with customers than it was before especially in a direct selling business. Now more than ever, the world needs us to show up and connect with our customers in a novel yet engaging way that is also genuine and authentic.

Whether we are running our own business and want to amplify revenue or simply to increase our customer base online or offline, creating a memorable experience and meaningful interactions are key to building a relationship that lasts.

If connecting with people in a way that keeps them coming back for more is what you desire, join me in this session where I will share my personal journey of how I built my business empire with my proven approach and learn:

  • How to approach prospects via storytelling and not pushy sales tactics
  • How to identify which stage you are on an unforgettable authority path
  • What you need to do to sell with conviction
  • The science of how to get your clients and partners to say “yes” faster

Aren’t we all too familiar with how negative emotions affect us? What if there’s a positive side to those emotions and there’s a way to harness that side? How do we know where to start to feel better and how do we deal with multiple emotions?

“Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils” is your self-help guide to transforming your life by changing your emotional state. During this session, we will cover the science behind the technique used to release negative emotional patterns with essential oils as well as the various aspects related to the technique and why we should use it.

Join me as we look at the multiple entry points of identifying an emotion, listening to the body, and how to go about selecting an essential oil or oils. We will explore some of the Core Emotional Issues, determine your Body Type, understand the significance of knowing body types and how that relates to the oil or oils to use.

We will also look into ways to develop compassion and empathy for others as well as for ourselves and working with children and adults who are resistant to using oils to release their emotions. To help us experience the power of oils on emotions, the session includes a ‘live’ demo on releasing anger with Young Living’s Purification essential oil blend. So get your Purification oil ready and participate in this sensory session!

The fear of failure can be so intense that it may paralyse us from even bothering to start or try something different. Yet, many have realised that without failures, we may not acquire the breadth in experience and depth in character necessary to get where we want to be and for success to not only be attainable but sustainable.

Learning can come in many forms and failures are essentially lessons in disguise. However, that does not eliminate the sinking feeling that happens when something does not turn out the way we want it to. Instead of feeling down and defeated, how can we turn setbacks into comebacks?

The good news is, we are in control of how we frame what happened to us and how we respond in ways that nurture our growth and creativity rather than stifle our resilience. By simply recognising and identifying our thought processes and making cognitive tweaks, we can redirect our internal flow in a direction that magnifies our talents and resourcefulness.

Don’t miss this exciting session to find out why we fail and how to compost failure into nutrients for success!

Vavavoom! Meet Lucy Libido, our new best friend who will guide us through using essential oils in-between the sheets and for optimal performance out of bed.

This hilarious yet informative session will teach us all about essential oils that support the natural balancing of feminine and masculine energies, oils that put the “do” in libido, and even tips to regulate the female cycle and transition.

Developed through careful research, real-life experiments and experiences gathered through anecdotal use of specific essential oils, Lucy takes us deep into the traditional wisdom that led to the creation of generations and modern applications to spice up romance.

Also learn insightful tips, tricks and guidance on safe usage of the oils to fuel passion and intimacy. Come have fun with an open mind and be prepared for a learning journey of surprises into realm of sensuality.

Chaos seems to be the word of recent years. But did you know that it is possible during seasons of chaos to truly flourish as a leader? It is not only possible – but flourishing is what we can expect when life appears chaotic!

Chaos is the ultimate test of what we have built and we should welcome this test! Whether chaos appears as external events in the macro environment such as a pandemic and natural disaster, something distressing like unexpected crisis at work, in school or at home, or the internal conflicts and turmoil that result from the various roles and responsibilities that weigh on our shoulders… flourishing amidst the chaos is something we can choose!

During this empowering session, learn how to reflect on what has gotten you to this point of leading your own Young Living team, find out your level of control in the present and future situations, and learn actual steps that you can take to ensure that your team’s foundation is rock solid no matter the storm.

You will begin to see chaos as a positive challenge through which growth will occur, and you may even start to seek it! You will learn that flourishing in chaos does not happen by chance for us leaders – it can and should be sought out by you. Prepare to transform your life and your business as you adopt the thinking strategies of a leader and apply them to neutralise disorders.

4:15 PM

Together, we FLOURISH

4:25 PM


4:45 PM

10th Year Anniversary Celebration

4:55 PM


5:00 PM

End of Virtual Essential Oil Summit 2021