1. All Virtual EOS 2021 tickets sold are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Trading or resale of tickets purchased is strictly prohibited.
  2. Ticket holders are required to login and update a profile between Wednesday, September 1 and Tuesday, October 5, via a link sent to ticket purchasers and/or invited guests after ticket purchase. Registration is essential for admission into the event as well as to access other event-related privileges.
  3. First 700 tickets sold are entitled to an Early Bird gift. Early Bird gifts will be tagged to Young Living member (henceforth known as “Eligible Ticket Holder*”). Early Bird ticket holder will be notified via email. Non-Young Living member can visit the Young Living Singapore Experience Centre after the Virtual EOS 2021 to collect their Early Bird Gift without any order. Collection of Early Bird Gift will commence from October 12, 2021, and end by October 31, 2021.
  4. Each Virtual EOS 2021 ticket holder MUST BE a Young Living member to be entitled to ONE (1) Ticket Purchase Gift Bundle. For non-Young Living members, the Ticket Purchase Gift Bundle can be redeemed with enrollment as a member in Young Living Singapore by October 31, 2021.
  5. Eligible Ticket Holders* can collect their Ticket Purchase Gift Bundle in person at the Young Living Singapore Experience Centre or arrange for the item to be delivered in their next Essential Rewards order after the event on October 9, 2021.
  6. Eligible Ticket Holders* not residing in Singapore shall arrange for their Ticket Purchase Gift Bundles and/or event product purchases to be delivered to a Singapore address for logistical forwarding. Please note that all logistical/shipping arrangements and their respective costs are to be borne by the member.
  7. The Ticket Purchase Gift Bundle is available on a “while stocks last” basis and Young Living Singapore reserves the right to expire the entitlement to the gift or replace it, in part or in whole, with a substitute of similar value.
  8. All event-exclusive products and promotions will only be made available to Eligible Ticket Holders* with a valid Young Living Member ID.
  9. All event content is delivered according to Singapore Time (GMT+8), on Saturday, October 9, 2021.
  10. Young Living may alter, add, withdraw, or substitute speakers and/or the advertised details for the event without prior notice.
  11. Young Living reserves the rights to all content of the event. Any recording and/or distribution of eventrelated content is strictly prohibited unless consent is explicitly expressed or stated. Members may be held accountable for any violation.
  12. Young Living has no control over your ability to access the virtual event, and the quality of all webstreams, are dependent on your network service provider, internet traffic and other factors beyond Young Living’s control and:

    1. Young Living will not be liable for any problem or issue you may have in accessing the virtual event;
    2. Young Living will not be liable for any content posted by users on the webstream, and cannot be held responsible for any illegal, infringing, objectionable or offensive text, images, photographs, content, or material uploaded by other users;
    3. You agree that you are solely responsible for all content that you make available on or through the webstream, and you agree not to submit, upload, or publish any content that is obscene, infringing, offensive, illegal, or inflammatory, or otherwise commit any unlawful act or any act designed to impair the operation and functionality of the virtual event;
    4. You agree not to allow any person (other than a ticket holder) to gain unauthorised access to the virtual event, and not to disclose to any third party any user IDs, passwords, website links, and other codes and access procedures, issued and/or designated for use by Young Living in order to access the virtual event and its content;
    5. Young Living has the sole and absolute discretion at any time and for any reason, to remove, edit, delete, or censor any content appearing on the webstream, and/or immediately terminate your access to the virtual event, without notice to you.
  13. By transacting on our website, you certify that you are at least 18 years of age and that you understand these Terms and Conditions.

*“Eligible Ticket Holders” refer to ticket holders who are Young Living members.